Business setup in India

  • Incorporation of Company / Business Entity in India: Advise on the incorporation process and legal requirements.
  • Advise on Entry Strategy and structuring of Business set up in India: Provide guidance on the most suitable entry strategy and business structure for your needs.
  • Getting approvals at various regulatory bodies/agencies: Assist with obtaining necessary approvals from regulatory authorities.
  • Ongoing compliance with all laws, regulations, and Taxation: Ensure adherence to legal and tax compliance requirements on an ongoing basis.
  • Transfer Pricing: Help with setting transfer pricing policies in accordance with Indian regulations.
  • Compliance with FEMA/RBI for fund transfers: Ensure compliance with Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) and Reserve Bank of India (RBI) regulations for fund transfers.
  • Provision of Directors for Indian Business: Assist in appointing directors for your Indian business.

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